U2 – SOI Promo Tour (Source: http://noticierou2.blogspot.com/)


Por el momento el Promo Tour está conformado de la siguiente manera:

  • Domingo 12 de octubre, Che Tempo Che Fa, TV, Italia.
  • Martes 13 de octubre, Le Grand Journal, TV, Francia.
  • Miércoles 14 de octubre, Live Session with Jo Whiley, Radio, Inglaterra
  • Martes 21 de octubre, Later… with Jools Holland, TV, Inglaterra (repetición: viernes 24).
  • Viernes 24 de octubre, U2 – Unplugged & Talk, Radio, Alemania.


U2 – Rolling Stone Cover (2014)

“U2 take on the world” #U2 on the cover of the lastest edition of @RollingStone

SPIN COLLECTOR’S EDITION (DEC. 29, 2014) Source: AtU2.com


Source: atu2.com/news/spin-collectors-edition-american-idyll.html

Photographer Anton Corbijn took the band into an American desert and drove away with iconic imagery.

Spin, October 16, 2014
By: Johnna Rizzo

(The following is an article from the Spin Collector’s Edition on U2, which is available now at newsstands and other retail venues including Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and more. This 100-page commemorative issue includes exclusive interviews such as the one below, provided by Spin, with frequent U2 photographer Anton Corbijn.)

What makes rock & roll pictures different?

Rock photography to me is documenting what’s happening on the road. I did it with musicians in the ’70s in Holland. But I see myself as an old-fashioned sort of portrait photographer who concentrated on musicians. You see very few instruments in my work. The photographs are usually taken outside of that context.

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