Tomorrow MAY 10 2010 is BONO’s 50th BIRTHDAY. I could say so much about this man – how he has brought happiness to so many around the world – via his music, his organizations, his overall craziness – U2 is a huge part of my life and I could not picture it without everything and anything concerning U2 – great lyrics, great songs, DUBLIN, live concerts, flags, zoo babies, mullets, 40 foot lemons, angel of harlem, MLK, castles (slane, moydrum), red rocks, BEAUTIFUL DAYS THAT ELEVATE YOU AND INSPIRE YOU TO WALK ON, a bit of Vertigo – hello hello hola – its all magnificent, just breathe and remember INFINITY IS A GREAT PLACE TO START!! DREAM OUT LOUD! BONO YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION – HAPPY 50th and MANY MORE! LOOKING GOOD!

– Zory (