From the Ground Up – U2360° Tour Official Photobook – Written by Dylan Jones

From the Ground Up
U2360° Tour Official Photobook
Written by Dylan Jones
Illustrated by Ralph Larmann
Category: Music – Rock
Format: Hardcover, 300 pages
Publisher: Preface Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-84809-368-3 (1-84809-368-3)

Pub Date: November 27, 2012
Price: $39.95

About this Book

The official, fully endorsed, inside story of the biggest rock tour of all time: U2’s 360º.

The stats are truly epic: $700m in receipts; three sets costing $10m each of which take 150 trucks to transport; an audience of 7 million people — a single performance in Pasadena, California, setting the world record for a single rock concert at 97,014 attendees.

With exclusive contributions from the band, manager Paul McGuiness, world renowned set designer Willie Williams (who also designs sets for George Michael, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rolling Stones and many more) and exclusive photographs from tour photographer Ralf Larmann. The book will be written by Dylan Jones who has been given complete access, including behind the scenes at Glastonbury 2011.

DYLAN JONES is editor of British GQ and has won the Editor of the Year Award four times during his tenure. He has published biographies of Jim Morrison and Paul Smith and two anthologies of journalism. He is the author of the book, iPod Therefore I Am: A Personal Journey Through Music and is currently working on the autobiography of David Bailey.