5 days! #U2i&eTour


5 days! The average time of 4-5 years is something U2ers wait for patiently and anxiously. A new album, a new tour, watching your favorite band still energized by their music (old and new) and the fans. Its just magical. I have been a U2 fan since 1985 – the Unforgettable Fire Album era – my fave song of all time is in that album > “Pride in the name of love”. First time I heard it live, it was for my first U2 tour – Vertigo – May 21, 2005 in Madison Sq Garden NY. Will never forget that night. For that tour I also saw them at the Miami American Airlines Arena for back to back shows. For the next tour – U2 360 in 2009 – saw them for back to back shows at the now gone Giants Stadium in NJ, also at Tampa, FL, The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA ( I can say I am in the crowd on that DVD release) and the last show was at Dolphin Stadium in Miami in 2011 – the date had to be rescheduled from 2010 because of Bono’s back injury. Now its 2015 – Bono had another injury, but has healed in an excellent way! Larry buried his dad in Dublin just one day before this tour (Innocence and Experience Tour) began. Crazy. From the pics and videos posted for the over 20 shows already played on this tour – band looks awesome, music (old and new) sounds amazing. U2 is a live band – an awesome experience! Their music is part of me, of my soul. Bono is an inspiration. Edge rocks! Adam looks great (his newly married life has worked well) and Larry – he is the Boss (just don’t led him sing lead – right Bono 😉) So now its Boston – a city greatly connected to the band – one of the first cities they played in USA – can’t make it to Dublin, Ireland this time around but Boston will be an awesome substitute. I need to recharge batteries and this short 4 day trip to see “the boys” will do the trick. You are the music you listen to, I am U2. -Zory